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Blackbear Essex

We are Blackbear Essex.

We make really cool objects for the home and garden from steel and aluminium. Pieces that are beautifully crafted and will last a very, very long time.

ribbons fence 2.jpeg

Why Us?

We believe in making high-quality, custom-made products that are built to last. You won't be disappointed in the quality; in fact, we are so confident that we offer warranties on all our products.

We want you to be in control. We offer lots of designs, ideas and options on our website but all of our products can be made completely bespoke. From custom designs to colours and sizes. We have access to over 2,500 colours so can pretty much colour match to any colour you want!


Putting You
in Control

Putting you in control
Ribbons wall art website.jpg

We can't guarantee, and don't claim to be the cheapest or quickest; making high-quality, bespoke products takes time. What we can guarantee is that you'll get something unique and built to last.


That is our promise.

Our Promise

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