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If you are planning to install our fence panels or decorative panels & screens using existing concrete posts, you'll need to use our concrete post sleeves. Made from galvanised steel, they have been specifically designed to work perfectly with our panels and screens. Like our panels and screens, they are easy to install and completely weatherproof.


Uniquely, both our composite posts and concrete post sleeves have no visible fixtures and fittings resulting in a more sleek and polished finish.


Please note this product is currently only compatible with Blackbear fencing and screens/panels.

Concrete post sleeve

  • Size: See size options


    Material: Galvanised steel coated with Blackbear 10 year paint.


    Full sleeve (1850mm) = 4kg
    Full sleeve (925mm) = 2kg
    Half sleeve (1850mm) = 2kg
    Half sleeve (925mm) = 1kg

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