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Bring boldness to your garden with our stunning 'Portsherd' aluminium dipped decorative trellis with slated composite fencing panels.


Easy to install, this eye-catching fencing system is 100% waterproof, requires zero maintenance and is guaranteed to offer privacy and personality for years to come.


This particular 6ft fencing system is avaliable in two styles (up or down) and one size: 7 slats + 390mm decorative trellis.

'Portsherd' decorative trellis

Trellis colour
  • Unlike our other modular fencing systems, the decorative trellis can only appear at the top of the fence panel. This particular fence comes with 7 composite slats and one 390mm decorative trellis (approx. 6ft high). Shorter fence options are available on request - please get in touch if you would like more details.

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